Plat Board

Composition of the Plat Board
The St. Clair County Plat Board is composed of the Chairperson of the County Board of Commissioners (Mr. Jeffrey L. Bohm), the County Treasurer (Ms. Kelly Roberts-Burnett), and the County Clerk/Register (Mr. Jay DeBoyer). The Plat Board is assisted by staff assigned to the Equalization Department.

What does the Plat Board Do
The County Plat Board meets as necessary to review proposed subdivision plats in accordance with State law. The Board’s primary task is to receive plat proposals, review those plats to ensure they comply with the Land Division Act (PA 288 of 1967 and PA 591 of 1996), and certify compliance.

Regulatory Function
The County Plat Board is formed under the authority of Public Acts 288 of 1967 (the Subdivision Control Act), and PA 591 of 1996 (the Land Division Act) which substantially amends PA 288 of 1967.

The objectives of the Plat Board as dictated by the Act include:

  1. To encourage, rather than prohibit, subdividing of land, but under conditions that will not be detrimental to the State’s natural resources or the public health.
  2. To permit flexibility of land use in areas served by adequate public sewer and water facilities.
  3. To promote accurate titling and conveyance of land by more accurate descriptions resulting from proper surveying and monumenting of subdivision boundaries and lots.
  4. To provide reasonable protection for both the ethical developer and the lot and home buying public.
  5. To provide for adequate local government authority and responsibility for approval of plats.
  6. To establish uniform procedures for the submission and approval of subdivision plats.

Contact Information

All correspondence with the County Plat Board should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board, Mr. Jay DeBoyer. Mailings should be sent to the following address:

Mr. Jay DeBoyer, Secretary
St. Clair County Plat Board
201 McMorran Blvd., Room 1100
Port Huron, MI 48060

Plat board Status: 

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