The marine patrol is staffed by 50 marine deputies under the command of the division lieutenant, a sergeant and five corporals serving as platoon leaders. An administrative assistant is assigned secretarial and clerical duties.

The dive rescue/recovery unit is a branch of the marine patrol. This unit is staffed by 20 dive/rescue specialists who are on 24 hour call - available for immediate response to any situation requiring the need for underwater/sub-surface rescue, ice rescue and/or recovery of persons and/or property.

Most of the division personnel are seasonal employees and have other positions within the community - many in the public service sector and serving in other areas of law enforcement, as firefighters and as emergency medical personnel. A select staff is maintained during the winter season and perform duties related to boating education for adults and youths, patrol boat maintenance, administrative duties and ice/cold water rescue.

St.Clair County Sheriff Mat King
Undersheriff Matt Paulus
Dive Chief 1
Dive Chief 2
Dive Chief 3
Dive Chief 4
Wayne Brusate
Roger Randall
Mike Bricker
Eric Pfeifer
Dive Unit Members Matt Biskner
Jason Bocek
Tyler Busdicker
Matt Carpo
Mike Carpo
Allison Cole
Jared Daniel
Matt Graham
David Harris
Scott Herber
Joan Hettinger
Scott Hudy
David Koester
Matt Markham
Mark Peltier
Ravin Randall
Jon Rasho
Chris Richard
Andy Rosales
Connor Spencer
Larry Spencer
Tony Spina
Mickey Thornell
Colin Vani
William Wuebben