Neighborhood Watch

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office believes in the importance of citizens being involved in keeping their own neighborhoods safe by being aware of suspicious activities and reporting information to our office. This can be accomplished by becoming involved in a Neighborhood Watch program. If you are interested in finding out what a Neighborhood Watch program can do for your neighborhood, contact us by email.

The benefits of a Neighborhood Watch program include:


  • After receiving information on Neighborhood Watch, residents will be more aware of criminal activity.
  • Those who participate in Neighborhood Watch have the tools to reduce or eliminate the opportunity for crime.

Warning to Criminals:

  • Signs announcing Neighborhood Watch lets criminals know the neighborhood is concerned about crime and will intervene.
  • Criminals are made aware that they are likely to be observed and reported to Sheriff’s Office.

Promotes Neighborhood Networking:

  • Encourages neighbors to interact and exchange information regarding work schedules, vacations and types of vehicles that belong at their home.

Increases Arrests and Convictions:

  • Neighborhood Watch serves as a network through which law enforcement can collect and disseminate information on crime.