Special Units

In addition to their normal patrol functions, most of the Deputies are cross trained in one or several extra professional skill sets. Others are permanently assigned to investigative positions or public relation details.


The Detective Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office, are full time positions currently occupied by a Detective Lieutenant and five deputies. They perform a wide range of investigative jobs and account for one of the busiest workloads in the department. In addition to the normal investigations, one detective is trained in the latest computer/internet examination procedures. On top of all of this, many still maintain their skill sets from previous road patrol assignments, and are called on to assist road patrol investigations.


Former Sheriff Tim Donnellon, in cooperation with the various County Fire Chiefs, started this unit in 2009. The unit is called on to determine cause and origin of the many structure and vehicle fires that occur within St Clair County. Since its inception, the team has already been involved in several fire scenes, some of which involved fatalities.


When situations arise that call for a more weighted response, the members of the counties SRT team are called. Whether assisting in executing narcotic search warrants or working thru a dangerous hostage situation, these highly trained deputies meet each incident with unmatched professionalism. Members have received training in various areas from explosive breaching, clandestine laboratory entry to precision marksman. The team has trained with various agencies such as the: FBI, DEA, Border Patrol and several other Michigan Tactical teams.

In addition to these units, deputies are trained in several of the following duties.

  • Evidence technician
  • Accident investigation/reconstruction
  • Medical examiner special investigator
  • School Resource Deputy

Sheriff King is committed to providing the most highly trained deputies possible to conduct the investigations for the citizens of St. Clair County.