Road Patrol

The road patrol division of the sheriff’s office is tasked with providing law enforcement services to the 23 townships and 8 cities within the County. The current road patrol division comprises forty six sworn personnel, serving in three sub sections of the division.

The main body is comprised of four platoons, providing 24 hour coverage to the county as a whole. Their duties include traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, crime prevention and community relations. By the end of this year, the road patrol deputies will have responded to over 40,000 calls for service.

The Sheriff's Office also provides contracted police service to the city of Algonac and four townships. Algonac, Port Huron Township and Fort Gratiot Township have a dedicated deputy 24 hours a day. The townships of China and East China are also provided with contracted services for a substantial part of the day. Township deputies perform the same duties as general road deputies, plus tasks assigned by each township.

The secondary road patrol provides traffic enforcement on the hundreds of miles of county roadways. Accident investigation and traffic control are also conducted by the two deputies assigned to the patrol.

Besides providing criminal patrol on a daily basis, most all of the sworn officers on the department double in one or several special assignments. More about these services can be found elsewhere on this site.