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Tax Certification FAQ's

What is a tax certification?

Pursuant to MCL 211.135 (b) A certificate that all taxes due on that property have been paid for the 5 years preceding the date of the instrument, such verification includes taxes assessed for the entirety of the ad valorem real property and must include parent, child, combined and/or split parcel descriptions and parcel identification numbers related to that parcel for the preceding 5 years.

Where do I get a deed certified?

The County Treasurer cannot accept supplemental documents related to recording. State Statue 211.135, requires that the Treasurer, will review and sign any document that requires a certification statement, if applicable.

Please submit to the Treasurer only the following:

  1. Document(s) that requires certification
  2. Check for $5 payable to St. Clair County Treasurer
  3. Postage-paid return envelope so that this document can be returned to you

Can I bring my deed in to be certified?

Yes, hours of over-the-counter certification are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., note the Treasurer is closed between 12:00 and 1:00 daily.

What is required to obtain a Tax Certification?

The Treasurer’s office requires valid parcel identification number(s) for all legal descriptions that are being certified. A legal description should preferably be typed but if handwritten must be printed and double spaced. Documents that do not have valid parcel identification number(s) and/or the legal description is not clearly readable the document will not be certified.

Note that the Treasurer reserves the right to reject a document for the following reasons, as well as those not specified here:

  • Taxes Owing
  • Parcel identification number(s) was not provided
  • Legal description provided does not match tax description
  • Error in legal description
  • Illegible or Indiscernible legal description

Will I be notified if a Deed is rejected?

Yes, if the Treasurer’s Office is unable to certify a deed, a letter detailing the issue will be sent back to you with the document.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please contact our main Treasurer line at 810-989-6915.

What documents require certification from the Treasurer?

Most instruments transferring title in real estate require a County Treasurer certification. See Public Act MCL 211.135 for additional information.

Type of DeedTransfer Tax StampCertification
Quit ClaimYesNo
Land ContractNoYes
Release of MortgageNoNo
Assignment of Land ContractNoYes
Tax DeedsNoNo
Deed Pursuant to Land ContractYesYes

What is the charge for tax certification?

There is a $5.00 charge for this service up to five legal descriptions per document, and an additional .20 cents per legal for 6 or more on the same document. See House Bill 4075 for additional information on fees. This fee is collected at the time of certification and the check is payable to St. Clair County Treasurer.

Public Act Excerpts - Tax Certification
Press Release - House Bill 4075

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