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Board of Commissioner Agendas

Novus Agenda is a paperless agenda system. Currently, this system is being used for all Board of Commissioner Standing Committee agendas and Regular Board of Commissioner meeting agendas. The system allows public access to the agenda and all exhibits attached to each item. In the future, all agendas and minutes will be maintained using this system.

How to Access Board of Commissioners Agenda/Exhibits

For Agendas/Exhibits dated April 1, 2007 or after:
To access the Board of Commissioners’ Standing Committee agendas and exhibits and Regular meeting agendas and exhibits occurring April 1, 2007 or later click on the NovusAgenda icon appearing below:


For Agendas dated 08/18/04 and 3/30/07; Workshop Agendas and Special Meetings Agendas:
Please click the link below to access the Board of Commissioners’ Standing Committee agendas, Special meeting agendas, Workshop agendas and Regular meeting agendas occurring between August 18, 2004 and March 30, 2007.

BOC Agendas 

For All Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Agendas Prior to 08/18/04:
Please contact the County Clerks office at:
201 McMorran Blvd.
Port Huron, MI 48060
(810) 985-2200

Board of Commissioners Status: 

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